Our Services

Pandya Medical Center is a full-breadth Primary Care Clinic providing preventive, chronic, and acute healthcare for your entire family.


  • Comprehensive Primary Care

    Comprehensive Primary Care

    We take care of your and your family’s medical needs including acute and chronic health problems. We manage chronic medical conditions such as Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol,...

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  • Women’s Health

    Women’s Health

    We provide many preventive, acute and chronic care treatments specifically for women to include Pap Smears, Breast Exams, Osteoporosis Screening and Treatment, Weight Management, Thyroid Dysfunction and...

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  • Bio-identical Hormone Therapy

    Bio-identical Hormone Therapy

    We do diagnostic testing through saliva and blood to check your hormone levels and help achieve hormonal balance through bio-identical hormone replacement. We do hormonal assessment for...

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  • Nutritional Assessment/Counseling

    Nutritional Assessment/Counseling

    We assess your nutritional status through blood tests, urine tests, and sometimes stool tests. We have an onsite clinical nutritionist to help our patients understand their dietary...

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  • Preventative Medical Care

    Preventative Medical Care

    We provide Comprehensive Preventive Physical Exams for Adults and Children including Biometric Physicals, Sports Physicals, Camp Physicals etc. We also provide fitness testing and evaluation prior to...

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  • Cancer Screening

    Cancer Screening

    We provide individualized assessment of your cancer risks and work with you to get the appropriate cancer screenings. Examples of such screenings include screening for Breast Cancer,...

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  • Cardiovascular Procedures

    Cardiovascular Procedures

    We take heart and vascular health very seriously. We provide in-office: EKG testing to get information on your heart’s electrical conduction and structure Ankle Brachial Testing (ABI) to screen...

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  • Food/Environmental Allergy Testing

    Food/Environmental Allergy Testing

    There are many ways to check for food and environmental allergies. Often times patients do not have full blown allergic reactions to food, but have very significant...

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  • Dermatology/Skin Procedures

    Dermatology/Skin Procedures

    We do evaluation and treatment of common skin conditions such as freezing or removing moles, lesions, skin tags etc. We often need to send skin samples to...

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"As a male approaching my late 30’s, going to the doctor’s office was certainly not my favorite thing to do. After several years without a proper physical and at the recommendation of my wife, I went to see Dr. Pandya. The experience was one like I haven’t experienced since seeing my pediatrician as a child. After only a few minutes, a time within which my previous conversations with doctors would have been over, Dr. Pandya had me engaged in a conversation as comfortable as talking to a friend not seen in a long time. For me, she has set the bar back where it should be – back to the respect that I had for my doctor as a child. Except now I count my doctor as a friend as well."